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Fishing Line

Fishing line, leaders and hooklink materials are all essential items of every carp anglers set up in giving the best possible chance to land a fish successfully. Every angler knows there really isn’t a worse feeling in fishing when hooking what feels to be your biggest ever carp, only to have the line break on you whilst playing the fish. However, this is only the beginning of how having the right line for your fishing style can seriously improve the likeliness of catching a fish. With so many different fishing line options available from Total Fishing Tackle, we’re going to take you through the different fishing line options and some of the features that may help you determine what the best carp fishing line is for your angling style.

 Taking things back to the basics, there are three different types of carp fishing line. These all being mainline types including monofilament, fluorocarbon and fishing braid.


By far the most widely used and well-known fishing line is monofilament. The popularity of the monofilament fishing line comes as no surprise due to its particularly low cost to produce making it the most cost-effective choice out of all fishing line options. An excellent choice for first time anglers looking to spool up their new carp fishing reels. Monofilament typically has a large diameter to strength ratio, therefore making it the weakest out of all fishing line options. Its always a good idea to match the colour of your fishing line with the colour of the lakebed to create as little visibility of your line as possible (don’t spook them carp!). We stock many different monofilament fishing lines from colours including green, brown and clear for you to do just that!                                        

 Another aspect of monofilament that is argued to be beneficial is its stretchiness. Of course, the level of stretch within each mono line can vary with options available from minimal stretch <5% to mono with a 25% stretch. With a bit more stretch, the likeliness of loosing a fish due to a hook pull becomes less of a risk and so is often the choice of novice anglers who want to get stuck into hooking fishing without loosing too many. For more experienced anglers, other line options may be preferred due to more of an increased level of responsiveness. Fishing line with less stretch is also more suited to anglers that fish at distance as stretchy line may cause issues with accuracy, as you might overshoot your target location with the stretch extension.  



The next fishing main line to often used by anglers is fluorocarbon. Often thought as an improvement of monofilament the fluoro line takes full advantage of new development strategies within the manufacturing process. Fluorocarbon comes from a single strand like mono but with longer lasting durability due to its resistance to UV light damage and abrasion. A great pick for anglers who would rather pay slightly more for fishing equipment that is going to last longer.

Another great benefit of using fluorocarbon fishing line is the refractive index, which allows for increased invisibility where light penetration is refracted the same way through the Fluro as it does in water. A great choice for anglers who love to target big wary fish where spooking carp with your line is no option! Not to mention the brilliant strength to diameter ratio with making it a popular choice as a carp fishing leader or hooklength material. With a dense molecular structure, fluorocarbon also has excellent fast sinking capabilities and increased sensitivity, essential for translating accurate readings back to your rod.


Braided fishing line

Moving up the spectrum to the last mainline of the three is the fishing braid line. By far the strongest option of all three mainlines and one of the reasons of its growing popularity amongst distance and big fish anglers. Braid combines a high breaking strength with a low diameter, making it a great option for more experienced anglers where minimal visibility is needed when fishing for big wary carp. Unlike mono and fluoro lines, braid uses multiple strands to achieve its incredible breaking strain but cannot be coloured as easily as single stranded lines. Often smart anglers will combine the strength of braid with a fluorocarbon leader to maximise both strength and visibility.

Braided fishing line is also dense and supple making it the ideal choice for fishing slack line for carp, with its fast sinking ability which also moulds to the shape of any lakebed. The multiple strand, rope like style of braid gives it almost no stretch whatsoever, allowing for improved sensitivity when hooking a fish and reading the water. The arguable downside to the minimal stretch of braid is the increase of hook pulls due to its rigidness. However, any experienced angler would agree the benefits of the stretch free carp line outweigh the potential downsides.


Best Carp Fishing Line

Not only do we stock a large range of fishing lines from all styles, we also stock the very best carp fishing line from the leading brands in the industry. From brands known for large tackle ranges and high-quality items including Korda and Nash, to globally recognised names including Shimano, Daiwa and Fox. Not to mention Terry Hearn’s tried and tested ESP fishing line. Available in different breaking strengths from 10lb and 15lb mono to 40lb+ braid and fluorocarbon fishing line

So whether its mono, fluoro or braid, mainline or hooklinks, we have it all here at Total Fishing Tackle. Our easy to use website and helpful customer service will ensure you get the best possible fishing line for your fishing style. If you are still unsure what fishing line is for you, feel free to contact our friendly staff, we’re always happy to help!