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  1. Nash - Cotton Hand Towel
    Nash - Cotton Hand Towel Options Available
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  2. Trakker - Armolife Cookset Lid
    Trakker - Armolife Cookset Lid Options Available
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  3. ESP - Green Kettle
    ESP - Green Kettle Options Available
    As low as £9.95
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Camping Equipment

Any fool can be uncomfortable! That’s why at Total Fishing Tackle we have a range of the very best products for making your life on the bank as comfortable as possible.

Sleeping bags, pillows, bedchair covers, stoves, kettles, cooking equipment, battery packs to keep you fully charged, head torches and lanterns to show you the way and towels and wash bags that will ensure its only your bait that stinks!

Sleeping bags fall into two categories, summer and winter. There are some sleeping bag systems that do both with zip on layers that make the bag warmer, making these a good option for those who fish all year round.

You may see some manufacturers using the number of seasons to determine the warmth rating of their sleeping bags, for example a 3-season bag will only really be suitable for summer angling, whereas a 4 and 4 season bag will be suitable for lower temperatures. Any of the 5 season sleeping bags will be more than adequate for the harshest weather in the UK, if you do feel the cold then you can always add a thermal bedchair cover to add another layer of warmth. We have a huge selection of the best brands to suit all styles of angling, all year round so take your pick!

Don’t forget your pillow, there is no need to sneak out the pillow off your bed at home, we have a selection of pillows to match our bedchairs and sleeping bags, thick ones, thin ones and even extra-large ones, leave your pillow inside your bedchair when you pack it up and you will never forget it again! All our pillows feature removable pillow cases that can be washed when required, no excuses for a smelly pillow!

When it comes to cooking on the bank the options are endless, from single stove and pan for the bacon sandwiches to a full-on camping style kitchen set up for those weeks away across the channel. RidgeMonkey are famous for their sandwich toaster, the product that kick started their rise to success, we also stock their entire range of accessories, so you can produce gourmet meals on the bank, no more pot noodles for you! Fox, Chub and Trakker all produce excellent cooking products at various price points, if you are unsure what you need, just ask us.

Camping stoves, kettles, pots, pans and everything else you need for cooking slap up meals on the bank, we have it covered!

Let there be light! One of the essential products for fishing overnight, a head torch! It allows you to use your hands while being able to see what you are doing, with varying brightness control and even a red light that will enable your night vision to remain unaffected which is a common problem with the harsher white light arrangement. If you prefer lanterns then we have that all squared away for you, battery power, nice and clean and no refilling of smelly fuel that might affect your bait, nothing simpler or more effective for lighting up your bivvy or swim after dark.

Our range of tech will keep you entertained for hours and hours, if it’s a battery charger or a solar charger, adapters, cables or accessories, we have the lot and we will ensure you remain in contact with the world wide web at all times. Again, the RidgeMonkey range of charging solutions and accessories are hard to beat, their new solar charger really is in a league of its own.

So, there you have it, everything you need to stay comfortable, fed and watered when on the bank! All available at Total Fishing Tackle, the UK’s best!