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  1. JAG - One-Pult Pouch
    JAG - One-Pult Pouch Options Available
    As low as £6.99
  2. Nash - Airflo Boilie Bag
    Nash - Airflo Boilie Bag Options Available
    As low as £18.99 Regular Price £19.99
  3. Fox - TT Impact Spod
    Fox - TT Impact Spod Options Available
    As low as £11.99 Regular Price £12.99
  4. Korda - Air Dry Bag
    Korda - Air Dry Bag Options Available
    As low as £11.99
  5. Fox - Impact Spod TT Green Black
    Fox - Impact Spod TT Green Black Options Available
    As low as £11.99 Regular Price £12.99
  6. Fox - Camolite Bait Airdry Bag
    Fox - Camolite Bait Airdry Bag Options Available
    As low as £19.99
  7. Fox - Camolite Air Dry Bag and Hookbait Bag
    Fox - Camolite Air Dry Bag and Hookbait Bag Options Available
    As low as £13.99
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143 Products

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Spombs, spods, air dry bags, buckets, bait crushers and choppers, catapults, throwing sticks, baiting spoons, spod stations and everything else you can think of. When it comes to your baiting accessories you need look no further!

So, you have chosen your bait for your session and decided where you are going to fish and have your rods fired out into the lake. Now you need to introduce some free offerings to tempt those sneaky carp into having a feed. Are you a spomber or a spodder? Do you prefer to use a catapult or a throwing stick? The choice when it comes to baiting up is varied but some methods are not suitable for every situation. It’s best to go prepared for as many options as you can, and you need not spend a fortune in doing so….

If you are fishing at long range of 90 yards plus then a throwing stick or catapult are going to be next to useless, you will need to Spomb or spod your boilies out. If you are using a particle or spod mix, then you will need to Spomb or spod your bait out. If you are using a boilie only approach and fishing relatively close in, then a catapult or throwing stick will be perfect. I always have a catapult  and a throwing stick with me and my spod rod is always with me or in the van in case I need it, that will cover you for 99% of baiting situations you will be faced with.

The boilie started life as a round ball, then someone came up with the idea of squeezing a 16mm string of boilie paste through a 14mm roller and that gave them dumbbell shaped boilies. Then it was time to think outside the box again and anglers all over began crushing, crumbing and chopping their boilies to give the fish something slightly different. Often this was done by hand, a time consuming a tedious process. Now a days we have the various devices and different types of mechanical assistance to speed up the processes.

We have the Korda Krusher and Kutter as well as the Ridge Monkey Boilie Crusher, to name but a few, all of these give you a slightly different end result. The Kutter will give you boilies perfectly chopped in half, the Krusher gives you a coarse or fine crumb depending on how many turns of the Krusher you use. The RidgeMonkey crusher gives you another dimension, some are crushed into dust, some into crumb and some just broken up into a few pieces and the best bit is you can do 5kg in no time at all.

We have catapults and all the spare bits and pieces from all the major manufacturers, we have throwing sticks that once mastered can deliver boilies way beyond catapult range.

Now we come to the spods and Spombs! We started with the humble spod, classic and reliable but not without its faults, it can take a while for spods to empty and you can only fill them up three quarters of the way otherwise they fly like a 2-ton elephant.

Cue the Spomb, a new idea ignored by one of the major angling brands as a waste of time originally but once out there, the Spomb was loved by all and is still going strong today.
Now we have the Dot Spod, a combination of the two that is favoured by many anglers who have used both spods and Spombs, make sure you check the Dot Spod out, they really are very good.

For all you spodders and spombers we have the spod station. A few companies make them and they are all slightly different but if you are a regular spodder or spomber then you really should give one a really good look, they save bending down, can support the rod in between casts and you can have a bucket of bait and a bucket of water at hand to at least try and keep your rod and reel relatively clean,

So there we have it, lots of wonderful products and more for you to choose from, all designed to help you get your bait where you want it first time, all of the time!